My love of pastry began at a young age watching my mother bake, who by the way, detests baking. Chocolate chip cookies became my first obsession.I began experimenting with the recipe and baking times trying to perfect my beloved cookie. 

After attending the University of Manitoba and working a variety of desk jobs I quickly discovered I needed to start traveling and see the world. I ended up living in Japan for a few years where I truly fell in love with pastry. As Japanese homes do not have ovens, to satisfy my need to bake, I purchased a toaster oven and started baking cookies in my one-bedroom apartment. Challenging none the less!

My hobby was turning out to be quite consuming, so I decided to attend Le Cordon Bleu and move back to Canada. I began the course in Ottawa and finished in London, England. As I was truly excited to begin my career I moved to Toronto. Over the next 16 years I immersed myself in my all things pastry. I worked everywhere from pastry shops, teaching, hotels to fine dining. After starting a family, we were presented with a new opportunity to move to Vancouver. So, we decided to move!

After moving, I quickly rediscovered my obsession for the chocolate chip cookie. Thus, Kukki Jar was born with the love of quality, simplicity and all things delicious. Try them out for yourself!